Extension Appointed Faculty

Located in Athens: Conner Hall, Athens, GA 30602-4356
  • Dr. John McKissick, Professor and Extension Economist, Departmental Extension Program Coordinator, Coordinator Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development. Animal Industry Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Value-Added Development, Agribusiness Marketing and Management, Feasibility Analysis, Marketwatch Editor- 201 Conner Hall, Athens, (Jan Hamala, 706-542-2434) jmckissick@agecon.uga.edu
  • Dr. Warren Kriesel, (25% Extension) Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Economic Development and Natural Resources - 312 Conner Hall, Athens, (Christy Porterfield, 706-542-0748), wkriesel@agecon.uga.edu
Located at Rural Development Center, P.O. Box 1209, RDC, Tifton, GA 31793
  • Dr. Greg Fonsah, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist. Marketing, Production and Policy for Fruits, Vegetables and Pecans - Tifton, Georgia (Alice Pitts - 229-386-3512) gfonsah@uga.edu
  • Keith Kightlinger, Extension Farm Business Management Specialist. Farm Management, Farm Income Tax Management, Farm Labor - Tifton, Georgia ( Alice Pitts - 229-386-3512) kkight@uga.edu
  • Dr. Curt Lacy, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist. Farm Management and Livestock - Tifton, Georgia ( Alice Pitts - 229-386-3512) clacy@uga.edu
  • Dr. Nathan Smith, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Production, Marketing and Policy for Peanuts - Tifton, Georgia (Alice Pitts - 229-386-3512) nathans@uga.edu

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