Computer Decision Aids

UGA Basic Balancer Instructions

ballredCotton Seed Cost Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)

UGA Basic Balancer Program
The Sow Longevity Calculator - Farrow-Finish (254 Kb... Microsoft Excel required)
ballredWhole Hog Value Calculator (605 Kb .zip file for P.C./ unzips into a 3.47 Mb .xls file... Microsoft Excel required) Weed Control Cost Calculator (Excel spreadsheet)

ballredPoultry Heating Fuel Decison-Aid (20.5 Kb... Microsoft Excel required)

Economics of Abandonment or Harvest of 2006 Georgia Cotton Excel Spreadsheets For Analysis
ballredBeef Cattle Buy/Sell Margins Calculator Crop Comparison Decision Aid
Carcass Price Calculator MACHCOST- Estimating Farm Machinery Costs
UGA Replacement Female Calculator Spreadsheet....................Instructions Irrigation Templates in Quatro Pro

UGA 90-Day Calving Season Calculator
Spreadsheet -.xls
Instructions_Macro Setting 90day- .pdf
Instructions_Management Considerations- .pdf

Computer Spreadsheet Budgets
Farm Financial Profile

UGA Marketing Alternatives Calulator - online interactive calculator program
* Note: May need Office Web Compents Tool:
Office XP

A PRIMER for Selecting New Enterprises for Your Farm

UGA Alternative Feedstuffs Economics Calculator

Income Tax Liability Estimation Worksheets for Married, Single, and Head-of-Household Taxpayers
Controlled Breeding Season Calculator Spreadsheet Crop Share Calculator (30.3 Kb... Quatro Pro 6 or greater required)

Economics of Abandonment or Harvest of 2006 Georgia Cotton Analysis Report and Discussion

* This is a .PDF file. To view this file you'll need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here: obtain it.

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