Farm and Financial Management

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ballred2011-2012 Georgia Cash Rental Rates  

GA Cash Rental Rates

ballredAmerican Taxpayer Relief Act  


ballredCustom Farm Machinery Rates Report  


ballredIncome Tax Reporting of Livestock Sales   AGECON-11-002  
ballredCash Rents Paid for Georgia Farmland in 2010   AGECON-10-004  
ballred2010 Georgia Farmland Values   AGECON-10-005  
ballredBusiness Expectations and Strategies under Immigration-Related Changes in Farm Labor Market Conditions:  A Survey of Southeastern Organic and Conventional Farm Businesses"    AGECON-10-002  
ballredFarm Labor Management Decisions of Organic and Conventional Farms:  A Survey of Southeastern Farm Businesses"
Custom Farm Machinery Rates In Georgia, 2008   AGECON 08-003.pdf  
Farm Employers and the Minimum Wage   AGECON 08-002.pdf  
Economic Stimulus Act of 2008   Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.pdf  
2007 Georgia Farmland Values   2007 GEORGIA FARMLAND VALUES.pdf  
Cash Rents Paid For Georgia Farmland I 2007   CASH RENTS PAID FOR GEORGIA FARMLAND IN 2007.pdf  
Drought Marketing Cull Cows   Drought Marketing Cull Cows.pdf  
Income Tax Management Alternatives For Weather-Related Sales Of Livestock   AGECON-07-003.pdf  
Drought Marketing Early Weaned Calves   Drought Marketing Early Weaned Calves.pdf  
Utilization of Drought Damaged Crops   Utilization of Drought Damaged Crops.pdf  
Custom Farm Machinery Rates in Georgia, 2005   cfm.pdf  
Understanding the New Bankruptcy Law   law.pdf  
Cash Rents Paid For Georgia Farmland in 2004   land04.pdf  
Farm Financial Record Keeping Through Quicken quicken.doc* quicken.pdf quicken.htm
Direct and Guaranteed Farm Loans From Federal and State Sources in Georgia loans.doc loans.pdf loans.htm
Negotiating For Better, More Appropriate Loan Terms For Your Farm Business negot.doc negot.pdf negot.htm
Crop Enterprise Cost Analysis   cropcost.pdf  
Cash Rents Paid For Georgia Farmland in 2002     land02.htm
How Do You Negotiate An Equitable Crop-Share Lease?     equitable.htm
What Can You Pay or Charge For Land Rent?     paychargerent.htm
Using Machinery Costs to Make Decisions     machinery.html
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Farm Financial Status Evaluation Tools     sections.htm#tools
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Restructuring The Farm Business     sections.htm#structure
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Farm Business Tune-Up     sections.htm#tuneup
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Debt Management     sections.htm#debt
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Coping With Stress     sections.htm#coping
Agricultural Crisis in Georgia: Getting Through The Tough Times Newsletter     Toughtimes2.htm
2002 Income Tax Legislation and Issues     agecon-0279.htm
Developing and Using Marketing Plans for Georgia Livestock and Grains     b1021-w.html
Georgia Farm Record Book   RB1cashrec.PDF  
Georgia Small Farm Record Book   recordbk.pdf  
Labor Publications labor.wpd   labor.html
Custom Farm Machinery Rates in Georgia, 2002     cust2002.htm
Starting a Greenouse Business     b1134-w.html
Using and Keeping Records for the Beef Cow Herd     b1159-w.html

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